Your & Your Skin

During pregnancy, and in the first months following the birth of your baby, your hormone levels change dramatically and your body creates an extra 3 litres of blood. Naturally, these changes have an enormous effect on your skin. Here are just a few reasons why it’s never too early to start experiencing the benefits of Colief® Mum To Be:

Pregnancy hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) flood your body from the moment of conception.

Your breasts will start to swell and become more sensitive due to higher levels of oestrogen.

Increased progesterone levels may cause skin to become more oily or drier, but once your baby is born, your skin should return to its pre-pregnancy condition.

Your tummy will start to swell and the waist thickens as the baby starts to grow.

Stretch marks are very common and affect between 75-90 per cent of pregnant women.

Thin reddish or brownish lines start to appear on the stomach, thighs and breast area as the skin stretches. Massaging the skin with Colief® Mum To Be, can help prevent or reduce stretch marks developing at this stage.

Blood flow increases significantly during pregnancy – up to 40% by week 20 This increase in blood flow, can lead to some women developing spidery red lines (expanded small blood vessels) on their legs and upper chest but don’t worry, these usually fade after birth

The fetus increases its weight 30 times!

It is common for some women to develop rashes or patches of dry, flaky and itchy skin. If this occurs, try using Calamine lotion to help reduce the itching

Oestrogen stimulates melanocyte cells to produce pigment that darkens skin, know as Chloasma (the ‘mask of pregnancy’). Sunlight can make the patches darker, so it’s important to wear a daily SPF moisturiser. These will fade after the baby is born

The Linea Nigra (dark vertical line) appears down the middle on most tummies as your baby grows. It is caused by skin pigmentation marking the point where your tummy muscles stretch and separate. After giving birth, this line will fade

It’s definitely not all bad news though, during the last five weeks of the trimester your skin can ‘bloom’ thanks to the extra flow of blood and hormones. Your skin will plump out, helping smooth out wrinkles and you will look more radiant due to blood circulation

Your stomach rapidly expands to accommodate your growing baby

Your circulation surges which means fingers, ankles and feet can become swollen

Varicose veins (dilated veins resting just under the skin’s surface) are common and can cause discomfort. Moving your legs every half an hour or taking gentle exercise will help increase circulation and may help reduce symptoms

You feel the heat; sweat more; your palms and soles turn red

By your due date, your skin will have stretched on average an extra 2 square feet!!

The hormone oxytocin starts to shrink your uterus back to its pre-pregnancy size

Your breasts become swollen, hard, and sore as they fill with milk

If you had a natural delivery, you can begin gentle stomach exercises in the first few weeks after the birth to help start toning and getting back into your pre-pregnancy shape

After a caesarean section, it is advisable to wait until after the six week check-up before exercising

Labour stretches the pelvic muscles a lot – pelvic squeezes are vital to tighten the muscles