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Colic is something that strikes fear into the hearts of parents, both first-timers and the seasoned hands. It deprives you of sleep, it causes your baby discomfort and in short, can be a really draining condition for parents and babies. Colief has helped both of our boys with their discomfort from colic. At night especially, we found that Colief was a really effective way to manage the symptoms of colic. It’s incredible how powerful a drop in a bottle of milk is. Both of our boys were breastfed, but Colief can be used with both formula and breast milk so it’s suitable regardless of feeding method.

Colief breaks down the lactose enzymes making milk easier for babies to digest. Our second boy was premature, and we really noticed that he struggled after feeds. Although babies do grow out of this phase and are able to break down lactose more easily, having something to help deal with discomfort is a real help for new parents. I was astounded that something that is so readily available can have such a positive impact on digestion.

Colic remains a mystery in many ways, but something I know for certain is that Colief has really helped us through that mystery.

Adam Ritches
Adam Ritches

Colief Infant Drops

Alice Matthews

I remember people arriving at my house after having my first baby and picking him up to try and soothe him. He’d just cry and cry. “It’s normal” they’d tell me, “colic” they’d continue, “he’ll just grow out of it”, they’d say.

They were right, he did grow out of it, but we waited a long time for things to get better. In the meantime, Colief was a staple relief through those long sleepless nights.

I breastfed both my babies, so it was great to find a solution like Colief that helped break down the enzymes in milk, resulting in a comfortable and happier baby.

Those early days are so hard, and so many parents will know all too well that the discomfort and crying from colic can be relentless and upsetting, whilst leaving you with a feeling of failure and an inability to intervene.

Thankfully, discovering Colief was something that really helped me survive those tiring and stressful early months of motherhood, and that’s something I’ll always be grateful for.

Alice Matthews

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