Mums Know Best

Arguably, there’s no better way to learn a lesson than through experience. Here are some words of wisdom the Mums at Colief® Mum To Be wanted to share:

Whilst you’re pregnant
  1. Maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. When they say ‘you’re eating for two’ remember only one of you is adult sized!’
  2. ‘Give yourself a break. Rest when you need to – no ifs, ands or buts’
  3. ‘Keep active for as long as you can. Staying mobile does your body, mind and spirit tons of good.’
  4. ‘How you feel is important. Write any concerns or questions down and speak to your local GP about them.’
  5. ‘Don’t put pressure on yourself to have everything ‘perfect’ for the baby’s arrival. All your baby needs is you – everything else can be found as and when.’
After the birth
  1. Having a baby changes your life – no exceptions’
  2. ‘Make catnaps your new best friend. Housework can wait.’
  3. ‘Don’t rush to fit back into your ‘normal’ clothes. Going on a strict diet will leave you lifeless, slow your recovery and cause stretch marks.’
  4. ‘Always ask for help when you need it.’
  5. ‘Make time for yourself every day. Take a shower and enjoy looking after your skin with Colief® Mum To Be (your baby can always sit in the bathroom with you).’

If you have a top tip for mums we’d like to hear it.
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Useful Contacts

Health concerns

NHS Direct – 24hr helpline manned by nurses to answer any health concerns and provide information on local health services and support groups

Diet and exercise

Eating for Pregnancy – all the latest information and guidelines on good nutrition during pregnancy

British Wheel of Yoga – information on qualified pregnancy yoga teachers in the UK


Mumsnet – online community for mums and mums-to-be

MummyPages – useful website for mums and mums to be

EU Mom – online community for mums and mums-to-be

TAMBA – association for women expecting twins and multiple births

Gingerbread – community, information and online support for single parents

Working Families – practical advice for working parents on achieving a better work-life balance

Family & Parenting Institute – independent charity championing families and promoting positive changes for the good of families in the UK