Colief products in the Peoples Republic of China

March 2016 —– Crosscare Limited of Dublin, Ireland and SHE Healthcare Co Ltd of Shanghai, P.R.China, have signed an license agreement for the exclusive sales, marketing and distribution of Colief products in the Peoples Republic of China.

SHE Healthcare today announced that as a first product they have now qualified Colief Infant Drops under the Colief Emulsifier brand name for marketing and sales in China.

With about 17-19 million births in P.R.China. each year, excessive crying, associated with colic, affects approximately two in every five infants and may be due to a number of causes including transient lactose intolerance (causing bloating and gas) (TLI). Colief® Emulsifier, an all-natural dietary supplement, is supported by published research demonstrating the ability to reduce colic-related crying caused by TLI. The active ingredient in Colief® Emulsifier is lactase, a naturally occurring enzyme produced within the small intestine.

“The availability of Colief ® Emulsifier in the P.R.China represents a milestone for the treatment and alleviation of infant discomfort related to colic The Colief ® line of products ideally fit into our company philosophy and strategy focusing around specialized mother and infant products” says Reto Rietmann, Chairman of SHE Healthcare Co. Ltd.

Jonathan Tierney, CEO of Crosscare Limited, “We wanted a P.R.China partner that understands the pediatric natural supplement market and has the experience, necessary to make Colief® as big of a success in the P.R.China as it is elsewhere in the world. SHE Healthcare is such a partner, and we are thrilled to work with them to help market and sell the Colief® product range to its potential in the P.R.China.”

2016年3月24日,上海—–爱尔兰都柏林CROSSCARE有限公司与中国的时颐健康科技(上海)有限公司签署了一项长年的许可协议,独家授权其Colief®系列产品在中华人民共和国的的营销和分销。 时颐宣布,作为公司引进的爱尔兰CROSSCARE的第一个产品,“Colief® Infant Drops”将在中国以“康丽赋TM复配乳化剂”的产品名称销售。 在中国,每年约有1,700-1,900万名婴儿出生,其中约有40%的婴儿有过度哭闹且伴有肠绞痛的现象发生,原因包括阶段性乳糖不耐受(TLI)(引起胃肠胀气)。康丽赋TM复配乳化剂是全天然的食品添加剂,已公布的研究表明,康丽赋TM复配乳化剂能有效改善因阶段性乳糖不耐受(TLI)引起的婴儿肠绞痛,减少婴儿因此引起的长时间无法安慰的哭闹。康丽赋TM复配乳化剂的活性成分是乳糖酶,乳糖酶在人体小肠内可自然生成、分泌。 时颐健康科技(中国)有限公司的董事长Reto Rietmann表示,“ 康丽赋TM复配乳化剂在中国的上市,可以视为治疗和缓解婴儿肠绞痛的一个里程碑,Colief®产品线非常符合时颐健康科技专注于母婴领域的经营理念和战略重点。” CROSSCARE集团的首席执行官 Jonathan Tierney称,“我们一直在寻找一家合作公司,这家公司必须对儿科领域有充分的经验和足够的覆盖,以确保Colief®这个品牌在中国得以像在世界其他市场上一样成功。时颐就是这样一位合作伙伴,我们非常渴望与时颐的合作在中国这个潜力市场上获得成功。”

About SHE Healcare Co. Ltd. SHE Healthcare Co. Ltd, is a P.R.China based , wholly owned private company, dedicated to the introduction, marketing, sales and distribution of specialized mother and infant products in P.R.China. As a service provider the company offers amongst others regulatory affairs, sales and promotion, after sales, e commerce, digital marketing, business development, logistics and distribution services. Further information can be obtained at